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The best type of fires is one that is prevented!

Our mission at OCVFA is to support and serve the volunteer firefighters of Orange County by providing a venue to discuss important issues and legislation affecting the volunteer fire service as well as the local community.

We will accomplish this by fostering camaraderie among the members and by building a positive relationship with other fire service organizations.


OCVFA Parade 2015 - Highland Mills Fire Company
Parade Date: September 26, 2015
 -more info http://www.highlandmillsfirecompany.com

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A Brief History of the OCVFA
The Orange County Volunteer Firemenís Association was organized in 1915. It was due to the efforts of Chief Frank C. Hock of Goshen, Chief Charles Higham of Middletown, Chief H.B. Green of Chester and Chief W.J. Lorch of Cornwall-on-the-Hudson, that this organization was founded in 1914.

The first meeting of delegates was held in Middletown on October 8, 1914 when by-laws were drafted. AT the next regular meeting in Goshen, April 11, 1915 the by-laws were adopted and officers were elected. The same year the first annual convention and parade were held at Goshen on October 6. The second annual convention and parade took place in Newburgh on October 4, 1916. At the third convention in Middletown on October 4, 1917 no parade was held at Goshen as planned because seventy-four members had gone to the World War. The following year the parade again had to be omitted because of the war, but the annual convention was held in Middletown on September 26, 1918. The annual parades were resumed at the fifth convention held in Goshen on October 2, 1919. The sixth and seventh annual conventions and parades were held in Port Jervis on September 16, 1920 and in Middletown on October 6, 1921 respectively. The eighth annual convention and fifth annual parade were held at Cornwall on October 5, 1922. Between 1922 and 1946, parades were held at various places but not on an annual basis. The 1948 parade was held at Maybrook. Since then parades have been held each year. The fiftieth anniversary was celebrated by a convention and parade held at Highland Falls. The sixtieth anniversary was held in the Town of Newburgh the host company being good-Will Fire Department. Both a convention and parade were held at this time. The 1976 Bicentennial Parade will be held at Vails Gate on September 18th, the site of Temple Hill.

Previous to 1959, ten meetings were held each year. Since 1959 meetings have been held every other month and this procedure continues to date. This Association has been a long time member of the Hudson Valley Volunteer Firemenís Association and the Firemenís Association of the State of New York. After many hours of deliberation, the Association was incorporated under the Laws of the State of New York in January 1962. This work was handled by our Past President Lawrence Stage.